Corporate Responsibility

Green Visions

CONEXT continuously dedicates to issues for environmental obligations and realization, and accomplish the mission of being a Green Enterprise. We seek after a more promising future, therefore, We drew a Green Proclamation and ready to take on any obstacle and challenge for the ultimate goal of accomplishing this vital mission. For the sake of CONEXT’s sustainability and profound foundation, we will continuously devote our best efforts to optimize the quality of environment and endeavor to build a better future.

Green Proclamation

Sustainability is every single enterprise’s ultimate goal. As a leading role in this electronic field, CONEXT strives the best to pursue a development that contains environmental sustainability. Together, we will be allied to our employees, everyone from internal and external; and from there, all of us will genuinely commit to this absolute promise of establishing and realizing for a sustainable environment:

Comply with law and regulations on environmental requirements.

Avoid polluted substance during the process of production by reducing emission, energy saving, recycling and reusing as fundamental guidelines.

Implement the elements of environmental quality and safety as part of the company’s management strategies.

Endorse the development of correlative technology and material for the sake of sustainable environment, and produce products in line with environmental issues.